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Dopod C750 - Watch for more

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Since the picture of Dopod 750 have been leaked lots of online debate is going on over it being looking like HTC Juno or it being HTC Juno. But apart from this debate the smart phone looks seriously business like. Its non flashy looks are made for the people who just want loads of feature in their phone and don’t want to go on a date with it. Or may be they can get a date because of it? As per the little information we have on Dopod C750 is that it running off of Windows Mobile 6 Standard. It has a huge VGA 480 x 640 screen which is expected to give you clear images.

The leaked image shows a mat black colour phone which gives the phone the serious look. The slider phone is also seems to be loaded with a 2 megapixel camera, even businessmen need to take pictures sometime. Quite opposite to the trend where cell phone makers are reducing the size of the keys to make the casing small and slim, the Dopod C750 features a well laid out keypad which enables the user to type the numbers quickly. The user will not have any problem of pressing the controls buttons which did not intend to in this keypad. The phone also has a stereo sound but that’s all we have no information on the music features like whether it has Fm or not etc etc. The phone also has a mini USB connector and a micro SD card slot. The Dopod will be available in market in November.
Following are the features of Dopod C750
It is a slider with a full QWERTY keypad
It features 2.6 inch VGA touchscree
It is laced with Windows Mobile
It features a 2 mega pixel camera
It has mini USB connector
It has a MicroSD support


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