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Mainnav innovator MW-705 GPS watch

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Mainnav innovator MW-705 is a watch that tells you where you are--not only does it tell time but also saves time by showing you the right path. This state of the art device MW-705 with particular rugged new looking and cutting-edge GPS technology (GPS watch +Bluetooth), the new innovator MW-705 solves all your problems for sporting and traveling.

The most distinguish part is this All-in-one GPS watch mark with BT function. While you turn on the BT function, it turns out to be a BT receiver. You might pair with your BT device for navigation. Watch combine with our navigation technology, raising the GPS to next level.

Our innovator MG-705 has all of the watch features you've come to expect like a date, time, alarm and timer. It also comes with lots of things for fit people, such as review altitude, speed, distance and heart rate performance data at end of workout. The high tech Stylish gadgets Innovator MW-705 is enough for the weekend warrior, technical enough for the extreme athlete and sports lover.

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