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YouMail App for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone

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YouMail App for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone

One of my dear friends, Rock, suffered a terrible loss the other day. Her sweet elderly Verizon phone suffered a total malfunction and died. It was a sad day. Not just for her, but for those of us who want to contact her. Lacking an adequate equipment replacement program, she has been incommunicado for days. Until YouMail came to save the day.

YouMail was able to recover the voicemails from her lost phone and play them on her iPod. I know, voicemail is a little 2000. But it’ll do in a pinch, or in an emergency.

YouMail also does other things. It will translate your voicemails into texts, which is perfect for people like me who only communicate via textual means, and it will join all your voice messages into one box so that your home, office and cell messages are all available in one place. It also does this really creepy thing: it calls your callers by name when they leave a message. Weird, but I’m sure someone finds this useful.

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