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TrafficTweet for iPhones Released

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Everyone hates traffic jams. But while we can always check the news, here is something that iPhone owners can turn to especially if they are in a hurry or always on the go. The new app is TrafficTweet for the iPhone from Mobomo, an app that provides people an easier way of knowing real-time traffic conditions in any U.S. city. The TrafficTweet app relies heavily on public Twitter feeds from the Twitter community.


* Leverages iPhone 3.0 OS Maps API to directly embed Google Maps into the application, providing a quick snapshot of all traffic alerts on nearby highways and roads.
* Leverages Twitter Platform so drivers using TrafficTweet can report current road conditions (traffic accidents, lane closures, speed traps and other alerts) to others via Twitter on an interactive map. App users can use color-coded icons to provide the driver with instant feedback.
* One-Click Driver Reporting eliminates need for onerous driver texting as it takes just one click to report speed and two clicks to report a traffic incident.
* Powerful Search Function embedded in TrafficTweet app allows users to quickly search for traffic conditions anywhere in the world.

The TrafficTwitter app for the iPhone is now available for download at the Apple iTunes App Store for only $0.99.

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