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New Belkin iPod/iPhone dock plays music and acts as speakerphone for iPhone in your car

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Belkin, and others, have been making similar car docks for a while now so your probably know how this new model works.

There are two versions coming: the TuneBase FM has a FM modulator and the TuneBase Direct outputs via a 3.5mm jack. Both will get your iPod/iPhone hooked up to your car’s speakers while charging it and providing a speakerphone for the iPhone at the same time.

It even includes a feature called ClearScan, which searches for the clearest FM station to play music on automatically (no more searching around trying to find a station that works).

Basically, when a call comes in, hit any button on the TuneBase and the iPhone’s call will be routed through the vehicle’s speakers. Expect to pay $89.99 for the FM model when it launches in mid-July, and $69 for the 3.5mm in June.

Very cool gift for the iPhone user frequently on the run.

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