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Command and Conquer: Red Alert release for iPhone soon?

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Here’s the lovely iPhone game rumor of the week, although to be fair it looks like more than just a rumor.

The gist is that the massively popular Command & Conquer real-time strategy game series is coming to the iPhone soon – according to Planet Command & Conquer:

“Apoc has just confirmed on his Twitter page that “Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPhone will be at E3. Obviously, that doesn’t clarify whether it’s a port, a spin-off, a tie-in, a mix of all three RA games, or something else entirely. It also doesn’t make any mention of pricing details or a release schedule, but at least now we know that something set in the Red Alert universe is heading to iPhone.”

Apoc is a “communtity commander” for the game and is well know in the C&C world, so this seems like a lot more than a rumor. Big name games continue to march onto the iPhone, a good indication of the iPhone’s gaming fortunes in the future.

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