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Read It Later: iPhone Bookmarking and Offline Reading

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Read It Later plugs one of the gaps in its mission to offer your reading bookmarks anywhere at anytime with an official iPhone application, which features browser syncing and offline saving.

Read It Later lives primarily as a Firefox extension, but offers bookmarklets for any browser, including the iPhone’s mobile Safari. Still, the “later” part of its name didn’t really apply if you tried to take your reading list with you. Read It Later’s app asks you for your Read It Later username/password, or offers a sign-up button, and then grabs whatever you’ve check-marked for reading in Firefox, or pressed a bookmarklet button on.

You can set the app to grab just a page’s text or the whole web content, and decide how many items it grabs at once, if you’re the voracious page-tagging type. Some iPhone/iPod touch heads make a strong argument for the readability and speed of the previously mentioned InstaPaper app/bookmarklet combo, but Read It Later’s app looks to close that gap, and makes sense for anyone using Firefox as their main browser.

The Read It Later iPhone app is available in both Free and a $2.99 Pro edition, which adds a bunch of usability improvements and features.

Free Version:
Read It Later Pro

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