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The iPhone App Store hits 25,000 app mark

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It’s been just a year since the iPhone App Store was first announced – though it wasn’t until a few months later that it opened for business.

And it’s now being reported that the number of apps approved for the store has passed the 25,000 mark.

There are now more iPhone OS apps than Windows Mobile apps – despite the nine year head start that Windows Mobile had. It has more apps focused on bodily noises than any OS in the history of mankind (not a great accomplishment really, but hey…).

Despite all the gross apps, and the stacks of bizarre and repetitive functionality (or little to no real functionality) apps that have made their way into the store, I still think it – and apps it contains – is the most exciting and powerful thing about the iPhone. It will continue to be so as well – and we’ll see more and more powerful apps as the phone itself gets improved hardware specs in future models.

Nowhere to go but up, and the future looks bright.


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