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How To Manage Your Iphone Apps

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Instead of being able to use an elaborate series of windows, menus, and folders, like you would on a personal computer, an iPhone makes you stack up every program like a series of Lego’s. The more applications you begin to shove into your phone the more pages you end up having, making it harder and harder to search through your selection. To make your increasing library work in your favor there are some great ways to keep things organized.

Many of these application icons cannot be removed because they are built in features, such as the calendar and YouTube link. You do not have to necessarily keep these on the opening screen, especially since you want to keep the most used software up front. If you want to shift the applications around you need to go through the same process as when you want to remove an application completely. Find any application and press down on it, holding for a couple seconds. This will make all of the icons begin to jiggle somewhat. From here you can either press down on an application quickly to delete it, or hold down on it and then dragging it left and right to move it around. This is an easy way to move all of the relevant applications onto front pages.

If you are trying to keep the number of applications down then you can easily keep your pages organized by keeping each page for a specific application type. This would mean that one would be for news and reference, one for games, one for shopping, and so on according to your methods for organization. This would also force you to begin removing programs that you just don’t want, which can be hard for those who like to hoard applications that they “may use someday.”

Try not to “double up” on applications. For example, if you already have one weather application does not get another unless you are going to delete the original. On top of this it is important to delete the source software from your iTunes before syncing you phone again. Though applications do not take up your memory too much, an excessive amount can slow down your iPhone and leave it more open to internal wear and tear.

When cleaning up your pages you will likely begin having blank spots on pages where applications were. Unless you are organizing your applications by pages you should then try to consolidate them as much as possible to reduce the total number of pages. Too many accessible pages can eventually slow down your iPhone and make it less functional. Once you move over all the applications on a given page leaving it empty it will end up disappearing.


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