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Tell if someone is lying with Lie Detector

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Lie DetectorThe iPhone has had a lot of odd applications in the past, but apparently we haven’t seen them all. The newest one to fall into our lap is the Lie Detector application by John Freeman. Now you can get answers on the fly with little notice.

The Lie Detector claims that it can tell when a person is lying but it seems to be more of a guessing game. Your chances of getting the right answer really are 50/50. Upon opening the application you are greeted by a screen that would like to know a little bit about the person in question. After you hit save, the application will ask the person the questions in which it just asked you, to verify what the truth really sounds like.

After which you can then find out if the person is lying. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how this application is suppose to work because it just does not seem be very accurate. This application is more of a fun novelty than a functional application. If you want to try your hand at it just stop by the App Store today and pick up Lie Detector for $2.99.

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