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Google voice search hits the iPhone allowing anyone to search

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The Google voice search application that we reported on a few times has finally reached iPhones everywhere, making the already popular search application all the more useful. Now users can search for locations while driving, product info while shopping or even search for images without ever typing a thing.

Not sure how to spell something? Well that is no longer a problem with the Google mobile application. This app works better than we could have imagined, picking up uncommon words that may not even be in the dictionary. We found that often times a phrase was easier for the application to pick up than a single word.

Google voice search can also tell the difference between say “three” and “their” depending on the context you use it in. Even in a crowded food court with plenty of noise the application was able to pick up just what we were saying almost every time. If you have not already tried this out, stop, put everything down and go download it for yourself. This application will amaze you.

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