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Strategy Analytics: Consumers are Willing to Pay for Quality Cameras on their Mobile Phone

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The Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab service research, “The Camera is Still King: Consumers Willing to Pay for a Quality Camera on Their Mobile Device,” shows that a quality camera is the primary mobile phone add-on for which consumers in the U.S. and Western Europe would be willing to pay–and willing to pay the most–compared to other mobile device features.

These findings are based on a survey of over 2800 wireless device owners in the US and Western Europe. The survey showed that mobile consumers are also willing to pay for a video camera, music player and removable memory cards.

“Strategy Analytics research shows that over 60% of all respondents would be willing to pay extra for a quality camera on their mobile device,” commented Chris Schreiner, Senior User Experience Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “This desire for imaging features prevails across all age ranges in both regions.” Kevin Nolan, Vice President of the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice, added, “Cameras, video cameras and music players are quickly becoming table stakes when consumers shop for mobile devices. They also requested additional memory in order to store this media.”


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