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New Treo Pro Software Patch Fixes Bluetooth Flaw

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Palm has just released a software patch yesterday, the patch is used to fix an issues with bluetooth car kit or bluetooth headset where you can’t hear the first caller’s voice when you receive 2nd incoming calls during the conversation with first caller.
Treo Pro Software

See the description below:

If you are in an active call using bluetooth car kit or bluetooth headset and you receive a second incoming call and you let it ring or you ignore the incoming call, the call will be diverted to Voicemail. The first call remains active but you can no longer hear the caller (the caller can still hear you). The audio has been lost. If you answer the call and swap between calls or reject the call, the issue is not seen.

You can download the new software patch here. It can also be downloaded directly from your Palm Treo Pro by accessing this mobile address


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