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Best Buy and CompUSA to Sell Unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9000

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Best Buy and CompUSA is going to sell unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9000 directly to consumer, with a price tag of $660 and $799.99 respectively. Best Buy has put up the BlackBerry Bold for pre-ordering. If you need the smartphone urgently, CompUSA has the smartphone in stock today but with a much higher price tag. At the $169.41 BOM and manufacturing cost revealed by iSuppli today, you can imagine how much profit they can make from you for a BlackBerry Bold!
BlackBerry Bold 9000

The Bold is RIM’s first BlackBerry to include support for the 3G/High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) air interface standard and the first to include a full QWERTY keyboard. Along with the faster network connection, the Bold’s performance is boosted by sheer processing power via the addition of an updated 624MHz Marvell-based processor and an improved Blackberry Operating System (OS) 4.6 platform.


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