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Samsung Camera Phones to be Pre-Loaded with Scanbuy’s 2D Barcode Application

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Scanbuy has secured a global agreement with Samsung to preload the ScanLife mobile 2D barcode application on Samsung’s camera phones. Samsung will begin selling these phones in Spain, Italy, and Denmark starting as early as next month. Availability will quickly expand to other major markets including Mexico and the United States.

Samsung Camera Phones
The application reads EZcodes and other major 2D barcode formats designed to recognize and process information. The ScanLife solution gives consumers and code publishers both national and
international interoperability for the use of 2D codes.

“The 2D barcode solution delivered by Scanbuy is a valuable technology, making phone navigation simpler and more effective for end users,” said Wonsik Lee, Vice President of R&D Planning Team, Samsung. “We are dedicated to continually improving our customers’ experience using Samsung mobiles, and the ScanLife application allows them to instantly access information anytime and anywhere.”


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At September 28, 2008 at 10:11 AM, Blogger streetstylz said...

It should be noted that:

Scanbuy’s indirect resolution process, which they use for their proprietary EZcode, is infringing on NeoMedia Technologies’ core patents.

Indirect encoding (patented by NeoMedia) is the process of linking the target information to an index (364528 for example) and putting that unique identifier into a 1D UPC/EAN or 2D barcode. The code reader on the mobile phone reads the barcode and sends the code data over the Internet to a central resolution server that will tell the mobile phone what action is associated with the index, i.e. access a URL, download media, initiate a phone call, ect.

NeoMedia Technologies has a suite of twelve issued patents covering the core concepts behind linking the physical world to the electronic world dating back to 1995. These patents cover various linkage methods including: Barcodes, RFID, Mag Stripe, Voice, and Other machine readable and keyed entry identifiers.

NeoMedia brought suit against Scanbuy for patent infringement. Litigation has been ongoing.


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