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M2E Power to Charge Your Mobile Devices via Motion Power

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M2E Power today announced the company is moving forward with the development of an external charger for mobile devices. The charger will be converting that motion into clean electric energy and store it for use on mobile devices. For every six hours of cumulative motion (walking, driving, etc.), the M2E charger can generate between 30-60 minutes of talk time.

“Our technology boosts the efficiency of magnetic induction, leading to a series of key innovations that produce a dramatic increase in power generation within a small footprint,” said David Rowe, President of M2E Power.

“This significant leap in energy production allows us to comfortably serve a large, meaningful variety of electronics and accessories with an eco-friendly alternative. This includes offering our first commercial application - the world’s only external charger that generates its own electricity by converting the energy of normal everyday motion.” The company’s product development includes a combination of energy generation architecture integrated with energy storage (battery) components.


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