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360 Touch Phone Concept: Slick looks and novel charging solution

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360 Touch Phone
If you could for a moment see beyond the amazing looks of 360 touch phone concept, you’d see that it is not all about superficiality. Instead it tries to incorporate every nice feature that is deemed necessary these days and still proposes something new. Designed by Eno Setiawan from Malaysia, 360 Touch Phone Concept is for a smartphone that has, well, a touch-screen. It has a rotating screen that makes it equally suited for left- and right-handed users. There’s also an accompanying stylus, camera with flash, and accelerometer technology. And as already said 360 concept promises a great charging option. It provides users with a charger adapter that can be plugged to either an electric plug or a USB one. The charging is then accomplished wirelessly. If only this were an actual product, I’d be so all over it!


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