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Low iPhone 3G battery life? You can solve it yourself

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If you are one of those 1 million people who have an iPhone 3G to flaunt, (as we are informed about 1million units of the model already being sold), then sooner or later you will realize that your new babe is sucking more juice than you imagined it to do. Packed with high-speed 3G radio and the new GPS receiver, enhanced speed of the iPhone 3G is draining its battery life at a faster pace than its first generation model. However, like any other problem we have solutions for increasing the battery life of iPhone 3G.

If you want your iPhone 3G battery to last long, then practice patience, for enhanced 3G speed supported downloads and connectivity will suck the battery life. You could try disabling your 3G data radio and restrict to EDGE data access. Although the web surfing and data download speed would dwindle but with the improved Webkit of the 2.0 Operating System your surfing speed will be faster than the original iPhone model.

Unknown to you, a number of iPhone applications exist in the inactive state once you start your iPhone waiting for you to return to them since you left them. To prevent these unsuspecting applications to drain the battery life, open the applications you don’t want to exist in the background and hold down the Home key until the application quits.

Reset the iPhone for faster restart. First, try pressing the Power/Sleep button of the iPhone until you see the ‘Slide to Power OFF’ prompt. Second, flick the slider to the right and allow the iPhone to shutdown and lastly you could try turning on the iPhone by simply pressing the Power button.

If you are desperate to save as much battery life as possible then as a last resort switch to ‘Reset Network Settings’.


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