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Samsung mobileDesigned by Christina Droira and her colleagues at the University of Cincinnati, for the Samsung's Global Sponsored Project, the Intouch cell phone concept was presented in Korea at the Samsung Corporate Headquarters.

The idea from which the team started was that most young professionals don’t use PDAs or Smartphones as these don’t meet all their requirements so the students had to come out with something new based on the sub-vocal speech technology developed at NASA. This technology is meant to improve the communication between astronauts in space, by using sensors that analyze communication from people’s throat.
At the neck level would be placed a piece designed to read speech nerve signals, while the ear part would be in charge of hearing convo.

Samsung mobile
They called this complex device the Intouch because it focuses on communication, consisting of 3 parts: the phone, the directional sound Bluetooth ear cuff and the neck piece with adjustable magnetic enclosure and subvocal speech neuron detector, giving the user the possibility to use normal phone communication too.

For the cell phone, the designers wanted a fast glance screen on top, a modes button, a large wrapping LCD display, a super molded keyboard, the ear cuff spring loaded space, thumbprint security scanner, touch command surface and an integrated chip.


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