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Instinct Defeats iPhone

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Instinct Defeats iPhone
Remember the recent video demonstration from M80 of the GPS capability of Samsung Instinct and Apple iPhone? Here are the next 4 showing the Internet connectivity, live TV, how to shoot a video and how fast you can download a song with both handsets:

The problem with the Internet connectivity at Apple’s iPhone is explained like this:
Working on AT&T’s Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution, a 2.75G standard, iPhone proves high-speed transfer rates but there is a delay specific to packet-switched communications, which consists of routing blocks of data (packets) between nodes over data links shared with other traffic, and in each of these network nodes the packets are queued or buffered, which produces the variable delay, leading to transfer speeds of up to 236.8 kbit/s for 4 timeslots.

With 3G EV-DO Rev A at Samsung Instinct, things are a bit different because this type of connectivity is based on Code Division Multiple Access and Time Division Multiple Access techniques, which increase the user’s throughput and the system’s throughput, by allowing several data transmitters to send simultaneously via the single communication channel. Transmitters have codes assigned and they have to take turn in sending information with the access divided by time.
The EV-DO channel has a bandwidth of 1.25 MHz and the Revision A standard improves the latency increasing the rates on the forward link up to 3.1 Mbit/s and on reverse link up to 1.8 Mbit/s.

About the other aspect, music download, to be able to get music with the Samsung Instinct you’d have to get it from Sprint’s Power Vision Network.
With the iPhone you have to tap the iTunes icon to go on iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store and browse, preview, buy and download what you like for your collection, but for this to work you have to be in a Wi-Fi hot spot and it seems that it doesn’t work every time...



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