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Third LG Black Label Series on April 24th

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LG mobileThird LG Black Label Series on April 24th. The third LG Black Label Series handset will be unveiled by LG on April 24th. Successes of the LG Chocolate and LG Shine, the two predecessors of the LG Black Label Series models, together with globally renowned The PRADA Phone by LG, have affirmed LG as a leading design innovator in the mobile industry.

The design heritage of the LG Black Label Series will continue on to the third handset boasting its smart technology with the latest and sophisticated features including the slimmest 5MP camera.

The third LG devices will have a slider form factor and quite simplistic yet appealing lines that make what LG calls “Style that Lasts”. The new concept of ‘Style that Lasts’ reflects the timeless and elegant design of the phone enhanced by stylish materials such as carbon fiber and tempered glass.

The phone will be unveiled on April 24th starting from Europe and on to the rest of the world, and the product name of the third LG Black Label Series model will be revealed at the official launch.

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