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Softbank powers up Internet Machine phone on the back of Brad Pitt

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The Softbank Internet Machine 922SH is extremely hard to resist for a number of reasons, and makes waiting for the iPhone to hit Japan begin to seem silly.

As a 3G cell phone, the Internet Machine offers the standard set of Japan-centric features that take advantage of the high speed network such as fast Internet surfing, email, instant messaging, and a highly under-reported feature known as Video Call (yes, as in making video phone calls). The device also includes 1Seg television broadcasts on a beautiful 3.5-inch screen, Bluetooth, a QR bar code reader, a media player and a microSD memory card port.All this and the device even has an incredible commercial starring Brad Pitt texting away as cars fly over his head. This sweet gadget is only available in Japan.


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At April 17, 2008 at 3:18 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Nice video. Very good blog you have created. Nice!


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