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Windows Mobile trojan in the wild - InfoJack Trojan

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Watch out folks, security firm McAfee has warned that they've discovered a new Windows Mobile trojan. This time, the trojan, InfoJack Trojan, is actually in the wild and capable of infecting unprotected Windows Mobile smartphones.

Windows Mobile trojan

The InfoJack Trojan infects your Windows Mobile device when an unsuspecting user downloads and installs an infected application, or uses an infected memory card. The trojan disables Windows Mobile's installation security by allowing unsigned applications to be installed. This leaves the smartphone vulnerable to future infections. Further, the trojan sends sensitive information back to the malware's author - it jacks your info, hence the name. The InfoJack Trojan also copies itself back into memory and the memory card, so that even if the active trojan is deleted, there's a backup copy somewhere else.

InfoJack Trojan has been circulated through Chinese downloads of Google Maps, applications for stock trading, and games. The website that originated the InfoJack Trojan has been shut down, thanks to Chinese authorities, but that doesn't mean Windows Mobile users are in the clear.

Now might be a good time to start thinking about anti-virus applications for your Windows Mobile device.

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