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Puretracks DRM-Free Mobile Music Store for BlackBerry

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BlackBerry store musicPuretracks DRM-Free Mobile Music Store for BlackBerry. Puretracks, Toronto-based digital music provider along with handset development partner Magnet Mobile Media have developed a new DRM-free mobile music store and service for select RIM’s devices, including the popular Curve, Pearl and 8800 series smartphones. A sneak peek of the Puretracks Mobile Edition music service for BlackBerry was unveiled on March 12 at the South By Southwest event in Austin, Texas and the official launch is set to coincide with the upcoming CTIA Wireless event on April 1st.

“When it comes to the wireless world, BlackBerry is at the forefront and we are excited to offer our service on a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates digital music into the wireless space,” notes Andrea Ziegler, Chief Operating Officer of Puretracks. “The Puretracks Mobile music service we have developed for the BlackBerry platform is an innovative mobile music store for North America that employs DRM-free, 64 kb AAC/AAC+ files. For wireless users, this equates to inexpensive airtime costs, smaller storage requirements, and higher music quality.”

The new mobile music store will debut in the United States with future roll-out plans slated for Canada and other markets. Users can expect a broad selection of songs from top mainstream and independent artists. Future additions to the Puretracks Mobile Edition music service will include support for Wi-Fi capable handsets, enabling BlackBerry smartphone users to download MP3 files (actually that’s AAC/AAC+) over the air.

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