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Review of GSM/UMTS-smartphone Nokia N82

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Mobile-review have posted their review on the Nokia N82. Here is the final impression.

Call quality was never an issue with the N82, as it easily lived up to our expectations of a Nokia-branded phone. Ring tones sounded quite loud thanks to the handset’s dual speakers – in this sense, it is one of the market’s vociferous offerings. On the other hand, sometimes both speakers, since they are located on the right, get covered with something, making the sound come out muffled. The vibro alert was on the stronger side.

Has Nokia hit the bull’s eye with this model? It is absolutely safe to say this handset will appeal to the masses and will be a truly sought-after offering – the N82 definitely has what it takes and just like the Nokia N73 a year ago, it is on its way to the title of the most affordable and decent Nokia-branded imaging-minded solution. Its music department is no different from the Nokia N95 8Gb, meaning that it proves to be somewhat inferior to the Nokia N81. Still, your music experience with the N82 won’t be irritating or dismal. Omitted remote control is another hint at the handset’s true positioning.

Given its current retail price of 450 Euro, the N82 is up against the Sony Ericsson K850i alone. Which one to go for, I hear you ask? It will be one tough decision for you, better listen to what your experience of playing around with either of the phones tells you. For the owners of the Nokia N95, the N82 won’t break any new ground – by and large it is the same old N95, yet with some of its shortcomings mitigated and more RAM onboard. The Sony Ericsson’s solution costs less, but offers less punch as well. Even if you don’t really need GPS navigation, the N82 is worth a glance for having a higher potential and better out-of-the-box abilities sweetened by more conventional ergonomics.

Shedding some light on myths and rumors circulating around the web on an impending music-savvy edition of the N82 carrying 8Gb onboard, I have to say this is very unlikely in view of the handset’s positioning. It already has a rival, which can only dream of 8Gb of storage. Looking at Nokia’s range you may well come to a conclusion that the arrival of a handset like this retailing for 70 Euro more would be fine if only they didn’t have the Nokia N95 on offer. Which won’t happen for at least 7-8 months to come. Just like the Nokia N73, the N82 doesn’t have any sort of 8 or 4 Gb variations.

Winding our story up, I can say only one thing that you probably already know anyway. The company has rolled out a true bestseller in the form of the N82, which is now among the finest smartphones in the entire NSeries, as well as one of the top handsets for youth, the best cameraphone around (on the mass market) and also one of the most potent business-minded handsets. Curiously, the “best” prefix has stuck to this model, and, in one way or another, it has deserved it.

Starting January 2008, will be picking best products of the month, with awards handed out around the end of each month. And in January 2008 our sympathy is with the Nokia N82, undoubtedly the best buy among all today’s offerings in this class.

The Nokia N82’s SAR level – 0,62 W/kg

P.S. Wait, we got some more before the curtains fall:
As you have already guess, with these services you can get coordinates for your snaps, if you took them with enabled GPS on an NSeries device. These services seamlessly deal with the Nokia N82 and other smartphones as well.

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