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Gmail IMAP Now Works With Windows Mobile

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gmail mobileI currently carry two phones around with me during the day, my personal Nokia N95 and my HTC S620 for work. The S620 is a great phone for email, but unfortunately the Windows Mobile version of the gmail mobile app looks awful on it, and gmail IMAP had problems dealing with HTML email.

Luckily, the gmail IMAP problems with Windows Mobile have just been fixed and I now have good access to my gmail account on my Windows Mobile device. To get the gmail IMAP settings for your Windows Mobile device click here.

Using both a Symbian handset (Nokia N95) and a Windows Mobile device on a daily basis has been a real eye-opener for me. The Nokia N95 is fantastic for the weekends and evenings where the multimedia and better phone qualities come into play, but I just can’t fault the email access and particularly the Microsoft Exchange support, and now gmail IMAP, of the HTC s620 Windows Mobile 6 device.

I think when my Nokia N95 comes up for replacement in the autumn I’m going to have to get a Windows Mobile device, as the email support wins the day for me. Or, is there a Symbian device that offers better Exchange support e.g. syncing individual folders, sent folder etc?


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