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Nokia E90

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Nokia E90Nokia E90 communicator name indicates it is cell phone which is mainly used for communication in all level. Nokia E90 is quad band 3G cell phone. Nokia E90 communicator weighing is 210 grams. This cell phone has a integrated GPS. This GPS phone allow user to locate their favorite places using map application.

The Nokia E90 is flip type phone. This cell phone is a ultra modern cell phone. With this cell phone user can easily download their photos. This cell phone has a integrated handsfree battery. This cell phone has a Bluetooth, USB, EDGE facility. So the user can easily connect with others through wireless technology.

Nokia E90 Communicator : Nokia E90 Communicator is a good communicator. The Nokia E90 Communicator phone is a music phone. Nokia E90 is a Smartphone. Nokia E90 Communicator phone comes with a XHTML Web browser. The phone comes with a push to talk feature. The E90 Communicator is the ideal companion for all business.

Nokia E90
Nokia E90
Nokia E90
Nokia E90
A member (aboveconnection) over at Howardforums has posted lots of live pics and a hands on video of the phone. This phone still impresses me everytime I see it. It has almost everything I would want in one phone. Anyways, enjoy.


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