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LG Electronics, orange color super slim Special Release

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 LG Electronics-- Orange keypad and sophistication emphasizes border
-- 13 mm single Ultra thin thickness, applying electric rugged aluminum materials
-- LG Electronics Chief hwanggyeongju headquarters Korean business executive, "slim design and feature a variety of domestic and win 3 G mobile phone popularization lead, "he said,"

LG Electronics (NYSE:南镛/ keypad orange and black colors in the border emphasis on sophistication
'Keolreopon Orange' (model: LG-KH1800) for 21 days released.

The product is 13.3 mm thick slide design adopted by the third generation (G) mobile phone case to the external electric
Rugged aluminum materials for adoption.

Separately, the top button on the numeric keypad Posted At the same time, multitasking capabilities of the two can be used together.
For example, the phone while writing a text message, alarm settings, and enter the phone book.
 LG Electronics
 LG Electronics

In addition, the search capabilities that support ▲ face the camera, directing a movie ▲ multiple pictures to create a myubi
(MUVEE) studios, which can retrieve data stored on the phone ▲ 'content Explorer', and many built-in features

Automatic roaming service via WCDMA (asynchronous third generation mobile communication) service in more than 40 countries, and to conduct cross-Video
Calls are also available.

In addition, MP3 player, text viewer, electronic dictionaries and other colorful capabilities.

KTF through 35 10,002 1,000 won to be released next January Silver plans to add color.

LG Electronics Chief hwanggyeongju business headquarters Korea, vice president of the "Orange keolreopon that emphasize the personality and convenience
Aimed at consumers, "" slim design and feature a variety of domestic 3G handsets popularized lead organizer, "He said.

* LG Electronics 『keolreopon orange (model: LG-KH1800) Key 911』
■ Key 911
-- Colors: black, silver (January),
-- Size and weight: 100 (L) x 51.3 (W) x 13.3 (H) mm / 105 g
-- LCD: 5.08 cm, 26 million color QVGA TFT LCD
-- Sound: 64 polyphony, 12 x 20 speakerphone mode support
-- Camera: 1.3 million pixel CMOS camera (rear) + VGA (video Tonga 1.3mm)
-- Battery: standard 800mAh 2
-- Continuous Currency: Standard approximately 160 minutes or more
-- Continuous video calls: about 90 minutes or more standard
-- Continuous Standby: Approximately 200 hours or more standard

■ Other
-- Price: 35 10002 1000 won
-- Product Homepage:
-- Contact: LG Electronics and mobile phone customers Consultation Service Center (☎ 1544-7777, 1588-7777)
-- Club CYON service contact: Customer satisfaction Center (☎ 080-619-5555)


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At January 20, 2008 at 8:55 AM, Blogger kathy green said...

Everyone who loves another phone should just try an iPhone for a day. 50% will convert and never go back. I did no matter how I tried to resist.


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