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Motorola ROKR E6 Mobile Phone

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While there are many new phones released each year, it is not very often that you see a phone which really makes you stand up and take notice. The Motorola ROKR E6 is a phone which really does catch you attention and there is only one word to describe it - wow !

While it is part of the earlier ROKR family of phones, it bears little resemblance to earlier additions, with Motorola having taken notice of the various criticism levied at the early phones. This Linux smartphone offers a vast array of services and is encaptured by a very stylish handset with large screen, and a touch sensitive display with has resulted in only a limited number of keys required to operate the handset. There are great similarities with the hugely successful RAZR phones which are still selling well in today’s market place.

Motorola ROKR E6While the full dimensions and weight of the Motorola ROKR E6 have yet to be confirmed, it is known that the handset itself is only 14mm thick, which makes it ideal for carrying in a pocket or a bag. While you would maybe expect a phone of that thickness to be short on functionality and services, this is not the case with the Motorola ROKR E6 and it is surprising how they have actually squeezed everything into the handset.

As the major requirement for key control has disappeared on the Motorola ROKR E6, the handset is dominated by the large display screen which measures 2.4 inches in length, and offers 240 x 320 pixel resolution, taking in a combination of up to 262,000 colour variations.

As well as the multimedia facilities which support, MP3, AAC, WMA, RealMedia, WMR, WAV, MPEG4 and H.263 formats to name but a few, the phone also has a 2 megpixel camera offering both still pictures and video footage. These facilities are backed up by 2GB of internal memory, as well as a memory port to add additional capacity. The phone also takes in the standard messaging services of SMS and MMS as well as email (supported by WAP browser), with Bluetooth and USB connections available for data transfers operations.

There is also a very useful and powerful PDA inbuilt into the Motorola ROKR E6 smartphone, offering the ultimate in mobile office requirements, as well as a number of inbuilt JAVA games for those more relaxed moments. The style and size of the Motorola ROKR E6 will catch your eye initially, however the phone facilities are also very impressive.

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