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Motorola Adding a PEBL To The ROKR Lineup

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After adding music to the RAZR, SLVR, and most recently the RIZR, a source has confirmed that Motorola will soon announce a PEBL style clamshell for music. The ROKR U9 follows in the footsteps of the Z6 by taking on the ROKR model name and appears to add an external color display with music controls similar to the RAZR2 to the curvy model. So far no other details are known about the handset, though one picture clearly shows mini-USB headphones, so it appears to lack a 3.5mm jack, just like the Z6. With the U9 a clear pattern has also emerged in Moto's naming conventions. Confirming that the each letter represents a form factor and that the 9 indicates a high-end model line that will dominate Moto's lineup.

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