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Yet another Chinese phone with WQVGA screen but with a surprise

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Yes...another WQVGA screen equipped phone. At this rate this screen will become the norm with the Chinese and the big companies still stuck on QVGA (I hope this will not be the case). This phone has some pretty nice specs and here they are.

- 3 inch WQVGA 16 million color touchscreen
- FM raio
- 1.3 mega pixel camera
- stereo 3D speakers
- stereo bluetooth
- dual processors to ensure smmoth UI and video playback
- tv out
- microSD support
- built in NES (Nintendo)emulator
- measures 103x52x16 mm
- weighs 92 grams

Now I mentioned surprise. well check out the bottom part (with the navigation keys) of the phone. That part slides up and reveals a keypad. Now isn't that just plain cool? I remember seeing concepts of this idea many times in the past. It is nice to see it become a reality. The phone also comes with a massive 3500 mAh battery. This has got to be the largest battery for a phone I have seen so far.

Pics and video from m8cool


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