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Two new Symbian OS v9 books from Symbian Press

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Symbian Press has published two new books, "Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones Volume 3" and "Symbian OS Communications Programming, Second Edition", both targeting Symbian OS™ v9. Below you'll find a brief summary of each book with links to Symbian's website for more information and purchasing options.

Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones Volume 3
This book by Richard Harrison and Mark Shackman is fully up to date for Symbian OS v9 and combines the best of the two previous volumes, and includes the following sections:

- An introduction to Symbian C++, with descriptions of the basic building blocks and usage patterns
- Examples that are fully compatible with the latest Carbide.c++ Symbian IDEs guide the reader through increasingly complex aspects of Symbian C++
- The core concepts, resources, APIs and programming idioms that you need to create, test and publish a non-trivial GUI (graphical user interface) application
- An introduction to some of the most significant Symbian OS system services: extensibility and the use of plug-ins and practical descriptions of the communications, multimedia and database services.
- Advice on the available range of graphics APIs and helps you to ensure that your application code is as device-independent as possible.

Authors: Richard Harrison and Mark Shackman
ISBN: 0470066415

Symbian OS Communications Programming, Second Edition
Targeting Symbian OS v9.1 and v9.2, "Symbian OS Communications Programming, Second Edition" introduces the major communications functionality in Symbian OS and demonstrates how to perform common tasks in each area. Each chapter gives background information on the technology where necessary, an overview of the functionality provided in Symbian OS and descriptions or examples of how to use the Symbian OS APIs.

The author team for this book is assembled from Symbian's top experts in the field of communications. Each of them has extensive experience in creating and using Symbian OS, and spends every day defining, creating or improving Symbian OS.

This book has four main sections:

- Section 1 gives an overview of the book and its contents. It also provides an introduction to the communications functionality in Symbian OS, and a high-level overview of how it all fits together.
- Section 2 covers communications technologies such as Bluetooth, TCP/IP, IrDA, virtual serial ports and telephony. Each of these technologies acts as the underlying layer for the functionality covered in section three.
- Section 3 discusses higher-level technologies, such as the messaging framework and plugins (for SMS, MMS, and e-mail), the SendAs service, OBject EXchange (OBEX), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and OMA Device Management (OMA DM).
- Section 4 contains practical information on developing with Symbian OS, including information on setting the development environment up for various types of communications-related development. Much development can be done using the Symbian OS emulator and various ways of connecting the emulator to an IP network, and using an IR pod, Bluetooth hardware, and a phone with the emulator are discussed.

Authors: Iain Campbell et al
ISBN: 0470512288

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