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Verizon’s Touch Diamond2 leaked; HTC Mega and Tachi also show up

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Verizon Wireless has recently dropped the prices of its HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, so we’re expecting the carrier to launch the Touch Diamond2 and the Touch Pro2 in the near future.

We’ve seen Verizon’s Touch Pro2 back in May, and now it’s time to take a looks at its Touch Diamond2, also known as HTC Whitestone or XV6975.

Appeared over at WMExperts, this below is the first clear rendering of Verizon’s Diamond2. I’m a bit surprised that it looks quite different from the European version of the handset:

It’s said that the features of the Verizon Diamond2 include:

* Windows Mobile 6.1 (most probably upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5)
* GSM and CDMA connectivity
* 3.6 inch WVGA touchscreen display
* GPS and A-GPS
* 5MP camera with autofocus
* Qualcomm 7600 processor at 528MHz
* 512MB ROM and 256MB RAM

The release date of Verizon’s Touch Diamond2 is believed to be around September / October.

Another HTC smartphone unveiled by WMExperts is the HTC Mega:

The HTC Mega should come with these features:

* Windows Mobile 6.5 and TouchFlo 2D
* GSM and HSDPA connectivity
* 2.8 inch QVGA touchscreen display
* 3MP camera
* Qualcomm 7225 CPU at 528MHz
* 256MB ROM and 256MB RAM

No word yet on when HTC intends to launch the Mega.

The third Windows Mobile smartphone appeared today is the HTC Tachi:

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