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China to Get the iPhone After All

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Once again we announce that the iPhone will be available in China at some point. To tell you the truth, this is getting a little bit annoying. Every carrier in China wants the phone probably, every Chinese subscriber would consider buying one eventually and Apple is probably dying to enter that market. So what’s the problem people? Why can’t you get along and launch the phone already?

It looks that the first Chinese iPhone will be an almost regular GSM iPhone and when we say almost we mean that it will lack WiFi support. A WiFi-less iPhone is something we talked about a long while ago. This time it seems that, for some reason, the Chinese government doesn’t want phones capable of WiFi connectivity so Apple will have to “cancel the WiFi function without changing other components.” In other words, smart Chinese iPhone users will have WiFi in their iPhones right?

So when will Apple and China Unicom launch the first iPhone in China?


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