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iPhone OS 3.0 Gets Copy & Paste, MMS, Push Notification and More!

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To be released by summer this year, Apple has just presented a list of new features you can expected with its new iPhone 3.0 software updates.Although background process is still not supported, iPhone or iPod Touch users are finally getting Cut, Copy & Paste, MMS, Stereo A2DP Bluetooth and Push notifications. When available, the new software updates can be installed to iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. The original iPhone will not be able to enjoy some of the new features, for example the Stereo A2DP Bluetooth and MMS support (due to the radio hardware differences according to Apple). iPod Touch users will need to pay $9.95 for the iPhone 3.0 software updates.

Not just only for emails, the Push Notification can be used in any iPhone applications so that you can get instant notification, for example MSN messages, even though you do not have a background IM application running in your iPhone.

With over 25,000 iPhone applications already submitted to apple for approval, Apple is enhancing its iPhone OS API with over 1,000 new APIs for developers. The new iPhone 3.0 will support In-App Purchase Capability, which enable developers to sell game level add-ons, feature upgrades within the paid iPhone applications. Using the additional APIs, iPhone accessories manufacturers can develop iPhone software that can talk directly with the hardware for data sharing or remote control via bluetooth. Apple will release a beta version of new developer tools 3.0 today after its press event.


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