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Synium Software releases StuffRadar 2 for iPhone

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Synium Software has announced the immediate availability of StuffRadar 2. StuffRadar 2 offers several new features and now acts as a Web server on local networks. This allows users to access the database from their Mac or PC and to browse StuffRadar’s Library and WishList with their favorite Web browser, like Safari or Firefox.

Existing database files from other applications can be comfortably imported to transfer item information for use in StuffRadar. The all new backup functionality saves StuffRadar’s database on the hard drive, from where everything can be restored to the iPhone or iPod touch. Users can also take advantage of this feature to copy their databases to other iPhones.

Important new features and improvements in StuffRadar 2:

* Use StuffRadar’s built-in Web server to access the StuffRadar database, with any Web browser, from your Mac or PC.
* Import files from other database applications
* Create and retrieve backups
* Transfer your database to other devices
* Create any number of subcategories to structure your Library and WishList
* Access reviews for your items on Amazon
* Search movies by actor or director on Amazon

StuffRadar can be purchased for $8.99 (USD), from the App Store on your iPhone or iPod touch, or from within iTunes on your Mac or PC.

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