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SanDisk and LG Developing Storage Based Service for Mobile Network Operators

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SanDisk and LG have demonstrated a new technology for mobile phones that enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to offer their customers multimedia-rich services using removable flash memory cards. The demonstration, using the new LG KC910 Renoir (upgraded consequently), ensures that content preloaded in these cards can only be used in approved handsets. Network operators can freely distribute preloaded and downloaded content on removable memory cards, while restricting the accessibility of such premium content to only their network subscribers.

SanDisk and LG

SanDisk and LG Electronics have worked closely to implement this new technology on the LG KC910 Renoir handset. By allowing IP connectivity to the memory card in the handset, the memory card serves as a network node that is remotely manageable by the operator using industry-standard TCP/IP and OMA Smart Card Web Server.

“With this advanced technology, handset manufacturers and MNOs will be able to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers who want easy access to premium content on their mobile devices,” said Amir Lehr, senior director, business development, SanDisk. “The new LG KC910 Renoir highlights SanDisk’s storage-based service delivery technology that is designed to enhance an MNO’s ability to facilitate content usage in a flexible manner and lets service providers customize their method of content distribution.”

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