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Red iPhone 3G, no: It's a fake

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French tech site Nowhereelse has their hands on some photos that look suspiciously like a Red version of the 16GB iPhone 3G.

However, it’s lacking the telltale (RED) badge, making this pic’s authenticity dubious at first glance. And our immediate suspicion was later confirmed, as you’ll read…

Also, it could be the way the pic was taken, but the red color itself just doesn’t seem right. It’s too “candy apple red” for something Apple would make. It turns out its just a nice, glossy paint job by someone who wishes there were a (RED) 3G out there in the wild. But all it is, it turns out, is a dream.

And its been confirmed by a number of sites to be a fake, so be careful if you see one of these! They’re showing up on EBay reportedly, and they’re phonies. It would be nice to have the phone in different colors natively, but that will have to wait. I’d rather they add copy and paste instead of worrying about asthetics.


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