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Over 10,000 apps released for the iPhone app store?

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Several sites have suggested and published that the App Store has reached over 10,000 iPhone and iPod Touch apps as of a few days ago.

Whether or not that’s true depends on your perspective. While over 10,000 apps have been released, there aren’t actually 10,000 apps currently in the App store, due to apps coming and going over the typical cycle of demand and lack of it.

By most sites’ count, there have been 10,030 apps released to the App Store. About 354 of them have been pulled for various reasons (trademark issues, discontinued apps, poor quality, etc). Some may have already been re-released with new versions of with new coats of paint. So, there are 9,676 apps that you can actually download right now (give or take). Yes, some are rather basic: tip calculators, flashlights, screensavers, etc. but apps all the same.

Still, that’s a huge number and the 10,000 mark will be breached very soon, probably sometime in the next few months.

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