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Book banned from iPhone App Store

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Self-published authors are now distributing books in self-contained iPhone apps, but when one author submitted his for approval, he got rejected for content that was either “obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory” due to strong language contained in the book.

David Carnoy wrote an emergency-room psychodrama called Knife Music which he published through Amazon to some decent reviews. He hired app developer Alexandru Brie to release the book though the App Store using Brie’s TouchBooks Reader software, which Brie had already used to publish classics like White Fang and Arabian Nights. But when Brie submitted the book-app, he was flatly rejected due to the language contained in the book.

Censorship? In an era where Apple is allowing surgery and fart apps by the dozens, with their new “open” policy? Very interesting indeed.

Here’s a CNET article about the rejection in more detail:


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