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TiVo releasing an iPhone app

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TiVo is hopping on the iPhone bandwagon by launching the public beta for a new web app that will let you “browse, search and discover” TV shows on any platform and in any browser.

Users can set their TiVo DVR remotely from anywhere with the app for the iPhone, and search by actor, title, director, and keyword, as well as browse Daily Recommendations and Most Popular shows. It also has an “If you like this…” tool for finding new shows that you may enjoy.

The new app also combines features from Amazon Video on Demand and YouTube. They hope to have on-demand streaming movies and TV shows from NetFlix by December as well.

This could be huge if it grows to its potential, and TiVo is taking a bold step to being a big iPhone player in the apps arena. The app should be fully operational by mid-December, according to several internal reports.

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