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SPiN - A new game for iphone

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Secret Exit have created a game called “SPiN - The Silhouette Game.” In this game, you touch the screen to rotate objects to try to get them to match up with the silhouette behind the object. You have a time limit, and you are rewarded with more time and points each time you succeed in placing the object in the correct position. It has many levels and is actually pretty challenging at times.
SPiN game for iphone

Spin’s graphics are great. The colors are very vivid and vibrant and make the game even more fun to play. The music is also really creative and enjoyable. Spin kept me entertained for very long time, and also seemed to be pretty good on my phone’s battery. Here are some screenshots:
SPiN game for iphone
SPiN game for iphone
SPiN game for iphone
And here is a video demonstrating the game:

SPiN is $4.99 and can be purchased SPiN.

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