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Nokia N96 Software Upgrade Available (version 11.018 or 11.101)

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If you are using Nokia N96, Nokia has released new software upgrade last week for most of the regions. The software will upgrade Nokia N96 to version 11.018 or 11.101 depends on your regions. These software releases contain improvements in the Live TV application (read more about Live TV here), sharper pictures through better imaging quality and autofocus accuracy, and faster system wide execution speed.

This software release is available through either the Nokia Software Updater or directly through your Nokia N96. To get this software through your Nokia N96, click Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Remember that you can also use Wi-Fi to download the update.

See a change log and bug fixes from symbian-freak below

* Mobile TV is unable to set the platform guide after phone reboot
* DM settings aren’t generated automatically, when Email settings are defined in variant
* Audio: Phone resets when plugging/unplugging headset for several times during music playback
* Video call: White or black screen flashes when power saver time-out expires during an active video call
* 3D Ringing tone is too low, almost nothing cannot be heard during MT voice call
* Illumination with Voice call: During an active voice call, power saver displays when power saver time-out expires and then phone goes to sleep mode while the call is still ongoing
* Image Quality improvements
* Device slows down when large numbers of pictures are transferred to the device
* Slow to open the Reply screen for an SMS
* ViewServ11 crashes under high CPU load
* Phone jams or resets when taking photo during low power audio playback
* Phone freezes after a new SMS is received during Visual Radio playback
* Other error fixes related to general system stability improvements
* DVB-H: It is not possible to access the TV services
* DVB-H: No USER AGENT string in HTTP POST request
* DVB-H: DVB-H receiver “Black Screen 2MB fix from TI”
* DVB-H: Low audio volume in Mobile TV. DVB-H audio volume level is now set to be similar to N77


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