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Nationwide Insurance and Aegis Mobility Unveil DriveAssist to Address the Problem of Driving While Distracted

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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Aegis Mobility announced today an exclusive partnership to tackle the growing problem of distracted driving with the first of its kind cell phone technology, which empowers consumers to manage the distraction of cell phones or text messaging devices while a vehicle is in motion. Aegis Mobility’s DriveAssist automatically detects the onset of driving and enables parents and corporations to stay in touch with their teens or employees while minimizing cell phone use when driving. Nationwide Insurance plans to offer an auto insurance discount for policyholders who sign up to use DriveAssist.

Nationwide’s second annual Driving While Distracted (DWD) study shows nearly half of Americans (48 percent) considered cell phones to be the most dangerous distraction while driving. More than 40 percent say they have been hit or almost hit by another driver who was talking on a cell phone.

The DriveAssist works like a personal assistant by informing the caller that the person they are trying to reach is driving and can’t answer the phone or text message. The service offers options to the caller, including the opportunity to leave a message, send an audible alert or request a callback. The service always allows 911 calls and offers an override feature for passengers.

“Research has confirmed that the distraction associated with cell phone use is much more dangerous than originally suspected,” said Aegis Mobility spokesperson David Teater. “This problem has grown out of the rapid adoption of mobile technology and our need to stay connected. Aegis Mobility has created the first effective technology solution for this issue.”

For more information about DWD please visit and for moreinformation on DriveAssist, please visit

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