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App Store - Battleship2Go

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FMWebschool released a new version of Battleship2Go for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Battleship2Go is an exciting game of strategy that can be enjoyed by everyone. Place secret mines on your enemies board before the game begins making it more difficult to avoid a direct hit. Explosions vibrate your iPhone. You’ll feel like your fleets safety is in your hands as you monitor the live radar and and try to outmaneuver your opponents.

One of the great things about Battleship2Go is that it is extremely simple to set up, and you can play anywhere. Got a few minutes to kill? Quickly start a game against the computer. Want to play against a friend, that’s easy too! You can even play against other players on the other side of the globe.

Battleship2Go’s interface also adds fun to the game. Watch the live radar as it flashes a live swath across the screen, giving you a blow by blow view of the action. The computer scroller sends messages to you as well keeping you updated to your enemies progress.

Battleship2Go is available through the App Store for $3.99 or 2.99€.

App Store link: Battleship2Go


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