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Xumii Launches First Social Address Book for Mobile Phones at DEMOfall 08

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Early this month at the DEMOfall 08 conference, Xumii launched the first social address book for mobile phones. Xumii’s social address book combines contact information, feeds and status updates from social networks, instant messaging services and mobile contacts in a single view. Xumii also offers integrated mobile messaging that allows users to maintain threaded conversations, share media files and create private groups. With Xumii, users can socialize with any contact on any network, regardless of whether it is a social network, an instant messenger service or another mobile carrier.

Xumii has developed a social address book that combines contacts from social networks, instant messaging services, media sharing Web sites and on phone mobile contacts into one easily accessible mobile address book. The address book gives users access to contact information, status updates, presence and news feeds for every contact on every network. The beta version of Xumii currently supports the following networks: Facebook, MySpace, imeem, YouTube, Flickr, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. Xumii will continue to aggressively expand network support throughout the year.

Other features include:

* Mobile Messaging: Switch From SMS to Mobile Messaging - Xumii mobile messaging lets users text and share media files in a single threaded conversation. With Xumii mobile messaging, conversations can be shared by groups of people and can happen across networks.
* Media Sharing: Share Pictures and Videos with Anyone, Easily - Photos and videos from the phone can be shared with other mobile users, or uploaded to media sharing websites and social networks. Users can also share media files from social networks and media sharing Web sites.
* Group Messaging: Message and Share Files with Groups in Private - Xumii’s social address book makes it easy to set up private groups, allowing users to have conversations with groups of contacts in private. Unlike with SMS, Xumii group members can respond to all members of the group and post a reply in a threaded conversation. Members can also share photos, fun widgets and videos within groups. Xumii groups are a very powerful way to stay in touch with close friends and immediate family.
* Message Walls: Post Pictures and Messages for Friends - Xumii is the first to introduce a mobile version of the popular wall feature used by most social networks. Walls are a rich graphical way for users to express themselves and communicate with their contacts. Similarly, anyone on a user’s contact list can leave messages or post pictures to another user’s wall.

See a demo video below:

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