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Digit Wireless Announces TRACE Interface for Touch Screen Text Input

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Digit Wireless today unveils the TRACE interface - a new software enhancement that allows users to write words quickly and accurately by “tracing” words on touch-screen virtual keyboards and other devices with physical capacitive sensing keyboards.

The TRACE Technology Platform may be used on any device with capacitive-sensing capability, including touch-screens and touch keypads, and may be adapted for any variety of languages or symbols. To input a word, the user simply places a finger over the first letter, skims over each letter that forms the word, and then lifts at the end to activate the final letter… displaying the word on screen. Spaces are inserted automatically at the end of each word.

While tracing, the system performs a dictionary lookup to determine which word the user intended. In the event the user was not completely accurate, or if more than one word can satisfy the trace, word prediction software suggests alternative word options. Word prediction engines that work with TRACE can have a vast dictionary with the ability of the user to add unique words instantly.

“Digit Wireless is constantly at work innovating new interface technologies for mobile and computing devices. TRACE, our latest text input method and system was originally conceived in 2003, granted a patent in 2007 and is now available for license,” said Robert Blumenthal, CEO of Digit Wireless.

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