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Sony Ericsson roundup: W902, W595, W302 preview

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Sony Ericsson
Gsmarena have posted their preview of the new Sony Ericsson W902, W595 and W302. Here are their final conlusions for the devices.

Sony Ericsson W302 preview conclusion

The Sony Ericsson W302 is without a doubt one looker of a handset. Featurewise it seems the most balanced Walkman handset to date in its segment. The nice music package and the slim profile will probably be its strongest selling points. Well, with the right price tag, that is.

There are a number of handsets already to offer even better feature sets in this segment and while the W302 certainly has its place in the Sony Ericsson portfolio, we can't help the feeling it comes at least a year late. Nokia 5310 is already gaining popularity and it's been around long enough to finally reach rather acceptable price levels.

The Samsung U600 is another excellent alternative although it's a different form factor - it has a nice display, excellent camera and top notch audio quality. And both these handset can be found for around 150 euro SIM-free.

So without underestimating the Sony Ericsson W302 potential and qualities, we do believe its success is very much staked on a matching price tag.

Sony Ericsson W595 preview conclusion

Sony Ericsson W595 is probably the handset that managed to please us most today. It has the performance of its bigger brother - the W902 and almost all its features (save for the camera part). However the W595 does look a whole lot neater and sharper and, having in mind that it will be targeted at a lower segment, it has some great potential.

If we are to answer if Sony Ericsson produced a worthy successor of the W580 - they certainly did.

The only thing that Sony Ericsson need to worry about is the release date of the W595. With at least three more months to go, the competition in this market segment might even get more severe than it is now.

Now join us after the jump for the final piece of Sony Ericsson gear that we are previewing today - the W302. Who knows - the cute bar might just turn out to be a great surprise.

Sony Ericsson W902 preview conclusion

The Sony Ericsson W902 is a great overall performer with a reasonably good camera and a state-of-the-art multimedia menu. The Walkman 3.0 music player is hardly rivaled by any other company and as a whole the user interface of the Walkman leaves only positive impressions.

However the pricing and looks also take part here and, if the price tag isn't right, the Samsung U900 Soul might just turn out to be a more tempting offer with much sleeker looks. We are also yet to see how the camera of the retail version of the W902 will compare to the one of the Soul.

We're back after the jump with a bit of Sony Ericsson W595 previewing. We've got a sleek slider coming and we're itching to see how it fares.


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