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Nokia Map Loader 2.0 beta Available

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Nokia today put up the Map Loader 2.0 on their betalabs. The new version now includes a built in online store where you can purchase and download navigation, traffic information and city guide licenses directly to your device.


Nokia Map Loader 2.0 is a PC application for Windows XP and Windows Vista. As long as your phone is connected with PC Suite you can trasnfer the maps or traffic information to your phone. The new online store will accept payment via credit card. License will be sent to you directly after the payment.

According to Nokia

The new “Services” tab will let you browse through Drive*, Drive&Walk*, Traffic* and City Guides before deciding what to buy. In addition, the clear and easy to understand graphical representation will show what region is covered by the license. You will see exactly what you buy before buying.

Selecting “Guides” will let you browse through City Guides and Multimedia Guides from all over the world. Selecting one will show you information on the contents and you can download them directly to your device. It has never been so easy to find the right guide for your destination

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