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Three New Concepts From Nokia

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Nokia mobile
‘People First’, ‘Zero Waste Charger’, ‘Wear in, not out’ – no these are not titles of upcoming obscure Hollywood ventures but are the new concept phones from Nokia that would become a reality sometime in the near future. In the first ever Nokia ‘Design Event’ in its new studio in Central London, several concepts were unveiled. ‘People First’ could be dubbed a call log file. It keeps the records of all your communications by keeping a list of people you interact with based on your last communication with the said person.

The ‘Zero Waste Charger’ is all about power saving. The charger will be activated only after you push a button on the charger and it will automatically shut down after an hour when it is dictated to do so by a built-in timer. The ultimate goal of Nokia is to build a charger that would automatically interact with the mobile phone – turning on the charging process only when the phone needs power.

‘Wear in, not out’ is the most confusing concept from Nokia. It is not clear what Nokia means by the device exploring ‘how people could potentially upgrade their devices digitally rather than physically’. The release from Nokia says that this concept will give people an additional choice on how they use and update their mobile phones.

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